Letters of JustificationWe appreciate your interest in attending the Energy Exchange | Better Buildings Summit 2018, and understand that limited travel and training budgets can present a challenge in obtaining approval to attend. To help with this, below are two examples of a Letter of Justification. By outlining potential returns on your attendance investment, these letters offer a starting point for explaining the benefits of attending this combined event has for you as an attendee but also your larger organization.

Here are just a few examples of how the Energy Exchange | Better Buildings Summit 2018 could benefit your organization.

  • Over 200 unique technical training/workshop sessions, nearly half of which are CEU qualified
  • Network with thousands of attendees (industry peers, market leaders, and technical experts) across the private and public sectors of energy management
  • Learn about advanced technologies and practices, and how to integrate these into your project/portfolio
  • Explore public/private sector partnership models, share financial best practices, receive technical assistance, participate in planning expertise, and much, much, more

Each letter outlines specific benefits for each half of the event, Energy Exchange and Better Buildings Summit, but as an attendee to this dual event, you can participate and gain the benefits from both!

Energy Exchange Letter
Better Buildings Summit Letter

Now that you have your letter of justification, Register to Attend!